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agency tools for working from home

May 29, 2020

written by
Bri Martinez

As a brand agency with mandatory work from home (WFH) days for the past 3 years, when we say we know how to do it successfully, we really do know what we’re talking about. Our shelves of awards and latest client recommendations will back that up. So we thought we’d share how we do WFH and a couple of our personal online tools that make it possible. And while online tools are a dime a dozen, we actually use these on a daily basis. We swear it.


working remote.

Required work from home days started a few years ago when we had multiple locations. Once we realized that remote collaboration was creating multiple issues, we decided on a force reset by making the entire team WFH. We needed purposeful communication to replace casual face to face interactions. We created systems and opportunities to make sure that things still got done on-time and on-budget but most importantly, that we still loved our jobs and coworkers.

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online brand guidelines.

With online brand guidelines, we no longer have to hunt down logo versions for clients or images for social posts. Everything is located on the actual website using a hidden but easy-to-remember URL and at the fingertips for anyone in the know. Because it gives instructions on how to use the brand assets, you don’t have to be physically leering over shoulders to make sure that people are using your logo correctly. And if your logo gets used in a way that’s not in the brand guidelines by an overzealous contractor who wants to show their creativity by diminishing your brand equity…. “I didn’t know!” is no longer an excuse.

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values board.

Creating with team members is MUCH harder when you’re not in the same space together. It’s easy to lose that casual friendliness that permeates so much of agency culture. Therefore using a values board to reward the good things that our coworkers do, like supporting each other, is key. We call it the Happy Happy Gold Star Board (our CXO had a couple of beers at the time) and we give gold stars to each other to celebrate our work community. Then at the end of the month, we read them off and the winner gets a small token of our gratitude.

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