Brightening Up Your Workspace

April 7, 2023

written by
Ariana Yabrow

Whether it be your work office or your home workspace, it’s important to personalize your space. Personalizing your workspace to your specific needs helps improve your workflow and mood throughout the day. 

This week, I’m going to share some of my personal favorites when it comes to my workspace:

  • Try to have a source of natural light somewhere in the room. This can help keep you awake and alert as opposed to a dimly lit room. If you don’t have a source of natural light in your space, some really pretty lights can be a good alternative. Some alternatives I suggest: Strip color-changing lights, twinkle lights, or a mini neon sign. 


  • Plants are awesome and great for improving your mood, reducing stress levels, improving the air quality of your space, and will work to eliminate air pollutants. Some plants I recommend that are pretty low maintenance: Pothos, Spider plants, succulents (be careful not to overwater them!), and ZZ plants. You can read up on Chantel’s pandemic gardening tips for more information. 


  • A really good playlist can make a difference throughout your workday. When I’m working, I like music like LoFi or Jazz instrumental. I recommend music with a good beat, it doesn’t necessarily need to have vocals on the track! Forrest also has some great music suggestions in his recent post 


  • Organizational items for your desk can help with feelings of scatteredness. It can be overwhelming looking at your desk sometimes, so finding ways to declutter and organize can help reduce stress levels and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Some personal favorites of mine are drawer organizers for paperclips, pens, sticky notes, and cords like chargers and computer cables. I also enjoy a decorative cup for my pens and markers. 


  • Stress-reducing items like a stress ball or a fidget item can be a great way to occupy yourself if you’re feeling restless or anxious throughout the day. These items can include a Rubik’s Cube, a clicker cube, a stress ball, or a push pop fidget toy. They also make cute desk decorations 🙂

Show us your favorite workspaces!