monthly roundup: staying relevant is the new normal

September 25, 2020

written by
Mari Aipa

Are you evaluating how to maximize your marketing efforts or starting to put together plans for recovery? Learn how to best optimize your hotel’s social strategy in 2020 and beyond.

proof of concept.

As the pandemic continues to impact businesses around the world, many companies are left questioning where to go from here. And while it has been difficult across all industries and verticals, some of the hardest hit businesses are in the hospitality industry.

According to Skift, “Only 33 percent of Americans have taken an overnight vacation since March, and only 38 percent say they are likely to take one by the end of the year.” However with more than half the world now using social media, more people than ever before are now listening and paying attention to your brands on these platforms.

  • Research from Social Media Management company Hootsuite shows that through the pandemic, the most significant social media trends in 2020 continue to be:
    A brand’s ability and opportunity to build trust in a divided world
  • A shift towards a digital first mindset to add value to brand budgets
  • And use of social listening tools for advertising impact.

Given this shift, we’re ready to swoop in to provide you with insight on how your hotel can stay relevant during these turbulent times.


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social discovery.

Looking to optimize your social marketing strategy? Want your tactics to work harder for you in 2020? Look no further because we’re here to help. Tell us more about your current needs and we’ll help connect your brand with more people. Start with a free social media consultation.

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