october monthly roundup: the next step in social marketing

October 22, 2020

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how hotels can use influencers to survive the long road ahead.

With more time spent at home and less opportunities to connect with friends and family in person, 2020 has people feeling cooped up. As a result, more travelers are looking to social media for inspiration for their next trip, which means social media influencers continue to have an influence on where and how people will travel next.

A hospitality net story recently estimated that “around 25% of Internet users have ad blockers in their browsers – meaning they won’t see the ads you are buying online.” As a result many hotel and resort marketers are shifting focus, dedicating budget to influencer marketing.

While working with influencers can be a great way to expose your brand to the right audience on a small budget, it can also go awry without a strategy. Here’s how to set your hotel or resort up for success for the long road ahead.


maximize your influencer marketing strategy.

Influencers can be a great way to increase brand awareness, build engagement, and direct traffic back to your website. But what qualifies someone as an influencer and how will you know that they’ll provide the impact that your brand is looking for? Here’s a few tips we’ve picked up along the way to help you ensure you’re on the right track to executing an effective influencer marketing campaign.

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how to hire and contract influencers.

So you’ve read part 1 of our series and are now ready for the big question, how do you know if someone is REALLY an influencer? Read this before sealing the deal.

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