project spotlight: arlequin wine merchant

December 10, 2020

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

revitalizing a brand we created 20 years ago.

How many relationships last 20 years? Ours do. It’s no small feat to take a brand that has become iconic in its own right and mess with it, but the team at Arlequin needed a change. Closing the much beloved cafe portion of the space and reopening as Arbor meant the management team knew that changing up the Arlequin brand would bring it home. We needed to make sure the two brands not only fit together but also still meshed with the grand daddy of the block, Absinthe Restaurant and Bar. We originally created these logos two decades ago and so it was a labor of love….and wine and food and amazing people.


“they took great care in the creation of our brands, listened to all members of our team, and created a brand personality and design that was spot-on.”



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