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project spotlight: ecs

February 11, 2021

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

What do you get when you combine the premier 65+ resort-style living community in Southern California, 300FeetOut, and 6 websites? It’s official – a new favorite project. Yes, this happens almost every time we finish one. But it’s pretty unanimous that this latest senior living websites project was a favorite amongst our team for several reasons—but mostly because it took our entire team to make it happen. Combining 6 separate websites under the same brand umbrella and catering to a new hospitality demographic utilized EVERYONE;  from design to development, strategy to content writers, seo to technology, and most importantly our clients joined the team too. They had a stake in the work through every phase and being the retirement experts, it helped the whole way through.

We always hope new projects allow teamwide collaboration, but it doesn’t always work out that way. It really took all of us this time and it was beyond gratifying to see how well we all came together to solve one common goal. Symphony vibes! The orchestra played. The audience enjoyed.

Check out all the moving parts to our ECS project here!

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