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project spotlight: mcmillan electric

May 18, 2021

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

Some of the projects that fulfill our team most aren’t just the most beautiful. Sometimes it’s the process, the learning, and the strategy of creating a product that works. One that satisfies all the goals of a client – then pushes beyond that by looking good, of course.

With McMillan Electric we really had to push beyond the comfort of our long relationship, and get to know them all over again. When we met, they were a small local company doing small jobs. Today, they’re a multi-million dollar company doing large scale work and pushing the bounds of technology in their industry. So we needed to show the rest of the world, and perspective clients, how the company had changed—a true view of who they are today. Through some in-person soul searching and collaborative digging we embraced the new culture of McMillan Electric. We gave their brand a nip and a tuck, and leveraged their online presence with expansive visuals of their innovative work.

That’s where the satisfaction part comes in. Seeing a long-time client grow and innovate, and having the know-how and proven process to get them to a better place is something our team gets excited about.

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