300FeetOut touches down in india

January 7, 2014

written by
Bri Martinez

At 300FeetOut, we’ve been busy abroad. Within the last year, we’ve experienced serenity surrounded by vibrant energy in Hawaii; the simple elegance found on Harbour Island of The Bahamas; the timeless nature of Turks and Caicos — and most recently 300FeetOut has touched down and immersed ourselves in the culture of India.

It’s our pleasure to announce that we are hard-at-work with Kamalan Travels. Considered agents of culture, Kamalan is a high-end travel company specializing in custom-made journeys to India. Don’t be quick to mistake them for your typical travel consultants! You will not find trip itineraries serving as just another exhibit behind polished glass here—with Kamalan you experience planned journeys which allow travelers to truly experience the rich culture of India. Kamalan simply believes in travel as a means of enrichment of the soul.


300FeetOut is currently working on communicating that vision in the form of a redesigned responsive website. The new website will be a compromise between practical and esoteric visions to expand Kamalan’s offerings to reach a larger American audience. One hint before the big reveal: our winning website concept is fittingly named “Immersion.” In addition to our design services, we’re excited to share our SEO expertise with Kamalan to ensure their new website will be both beautiful and useful for years to come. Because Kamalan will be a content provider we’re not only providing SEO, but training their team on best practices regarding how to continue the SEO once the site has launched.

In addition to working with India’s agents of culture, we’re also looking forward to putting a new pin in our world map of satisfied clients once we wrap this experience!

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